In a world where millions seek haven from war and repression, Trump’s order suspended refugee admissions for 120 days, even for those already thoroughly vetted and approved. A ban reasoned by the increasing of terrorism has probably increased it even further. Personally, I think this ban is illegal, it is against fundamental human rights,  to ban people due to their religion and nationality should not be allowed in any circumstance. Not only is it immoral to discriminate in such a way, it is also deeply ineffective.

People from seven,  predominantly Muslim, countries have been temporarily banned from entering the US.  Whether they hold dual nationality does not affect the shocking treatment these people are receiving,  not only refugees are disturbed but everyone around the world is surprised.  We shouldn’t be,  I expected nothing less from Donald Trump,  a divisive move that would alienate a whole religious group.  As people are trying  to stop Trump from entering  Britain for a state visit,  parliament is having to debate this protest.

After watching the  debate I was stunned,  firstly by the informality and brashness in the parliament of one of the the most politest countries.  Secondly,  I could not understand the need for such a debate,  it was clear not many people wanted to allow Trump to visit but due to “the special relationship we have with the US” the end was inconclusive. The only reason Trump picked these seven countries was due to the minimal effect their absence would cause.  They will not stop other people from dangerous countries from entering like Egypt or Turkey.  Why?  Simply because these countries have “special relations”  with the US.  Special relations obviously entitle firearms,  money and oil,  amongst other political reasons that would sink Trump into a deep sea of controversy.

Developing and often fragile regions host more than 85% of the world’s 22 million refugees. Without the aid of one the most developed countries in the world, many people are suffering, much more than those who were suffering due to refugees being in the US. Refugees are the building blocks for many of the world’s civilisations and there may come a point in the future where Americans seek refuge but with attitudes like these they are unlikely to receive it.

Trump’s executive order bars people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia from entering the U.S. for 90 days, along with banning refugees. Even people such as Mo Farah, are affected by the ban then. Mo Farah is a British athlete who is originally from Somalia, it is unclear whether he is permitted in the US however I am sure that he will be, to avoid conflict from the UK. But what about the regular Somalian? They do not have such support and nor do they have the influence or wealth.

Trump has represented the notion of the world these days clearly, we have all become obsessed with financial happiness and anything that obstructs this has been removed. The obstructions could be a large group of innocent people or a struggling co-worker. The clumsiness of this move and the retaliation against it suggests the future of the 45th president. Only time will tell how much more turmoil will be caused…



Not a Feminist

I have had various issues with the concept of feminism since I was introduced to it but recently it has become a view many people hold. Whilst I appreciate their opinions, I wonder whether they consider themselves misandrists (hate men) as well. Right now, the focus is on misogynists, those cruel people who victimize and underestimate women, as a result various attempts are made in the media to help these “poor” women. So by portraying women as victims, are they not going against the whole point of feminism?

Considering myself an equalist, I have researched this topic vigorously and came upon an article that was the opposite of my own opinion.  The writer had stated that:

A separate movement for women’s rights is the single most important thing we need for gender equality.

This quote states that men are basically superior in every way and thus women need to combat this by increasing their own importance. However, male models are paid significantly less than female models and although women are underpaid in various fields stating that women are underprivileged in every career is incorrect. Also, calling women underprivileged in any way is a term feminists should not employ, instead they should highlight the strengths of women and why they deserve an equal chance like everybody else.

In an ideal world, gender would not matter in any situation, and everybody would be the same. The feminism movement used to be a great idea but it is now evolving into an extremist group of women that I would not want to be associated with. No young child should feel that they cannot become anything they want due to inequality and we should accept that though the past was ruled predominantly by men, the future is open to anyone.