Think of the smartest, richest and most successful person. Are they happy? Are they good looking? Are they popular? Maybe in your mind but welcome to reality, the perfect person doesn’t exist.

The Tom, Dick or Harry from a stable middle class family begins life: they have an average education, an average degree, an average job and an average life. Tom, Dick and Harry look up to the achievements of people like Hawking and look down on the extreme global poverty. They live in a comfort bubble, with little ambition, little exposure and little experience of the world. They die and the immediate family grieves, maybe even some old friends, then a few decades later, they are merely another coffin in the ground. Would these people be considered successful? Sure, if simply living was an accolade, there would be a never ending list of people to get that award.

Now consider the extraordinary. How many of these people actually have a comfort bubble? So here’s the punchline: you have more chances of being successful by being lonely, ugly and poor. What could be better ambition than a miserable life? Don’t take this as a way to go make your life miserable but take a subtler message away. Pop the comfort bubble.


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