The end of May

Theresa May is the current Prime Minister of one of the most powerful countries, the daughter of a vicar (she really likes to emphasize that point), a former Oxbridge student and the gardener of a miraculous magic money tree. She is also the leader of a divided and chaotic party, full with backbenchers  who leap to criticise her, a party that threatens her position probably more than her opposition. However, credit must be given to her opposition as well, a charming Corbyn comforting the people receiving no help from the current government, the students drowning in debt, the workers, the nurses, the mentally ill and the youth. Will May be able to complete her term as she struggles to tackle the monster that is Brexit?

Frankly, she doomed herself from the moment she called that election. I can clearly remember that moment, listening to the radio in the wilderness that is the Scottish Highlands, “Theresa May has announced a snap election.” It was like, oh, she needed to do that? People hate voting, an obliged moral responsibility that every in the country has to carry out, nah, that’s too much of a bother for us. An experienced politician like May should have had the common sense to realise that but her head was too bloated from her ratings. Nobody would have any right to complain if she hadn’t called an election because literally no one saw it coming or wanted it to happen. We were happy in our mundane lives, oppressed by the Conservatives and critical of Corbyn.

Then came the wonder that was the General Election of 2017. In a year of so many unexpected twists and turns complacency is such a crucial mistake, especially in a political scenario. The majority May wanted to extend for her “strong and stable” disappeared from beneath her feet, with a disappointing campaign, refusals to attend televised debates with her opposition and the success of Corbyn. The magic money tree the Tories used to denounce Labour’s policies came to their rescue with a billion pounds and along with it a traditionalist Irish party by the name of DUP, promising their support. The Democratic Unionist Party is the only reason that woman is your current prime minister.

Theresa May’s shoes may be absurdly expensive but they’re not a position any leader of a country would want to be in. After a doomed speech at the party conference, interrupted by the coughs of an ill May, a prankster with a P45 from Boris and the world literally falling apart around her (well the sign at least). She stands precariously, observed by the now eagle eyed, informed and educated citizens who saw a glimmer of hope with Corbyn. Only time will tell how weak and wobbly the Conservatives will become till May’s resignation or removal.




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