Optimism is a scientifically proven deterrent of many diseases although it is rather difficult to procure in such uncertain times. The word simply means “hopefulness and confidence about the future”, it can allow you to look past the worst and the see light in the darkest of times.  At a time where the world is hanging on the edge, it’s sometimes hard to imagine a perfect utopian world. So optimism is a rare quality, one that people admire and envy in others.

What do you have to do to be hopeful and confident about the future? One option is ignorance, they say “ignorance is bliss” and to an extent that’s true. Ignoring all your problems means that all that you acknowledge are the positive things but the problems still remain. Ignorance can only make a fool happy, eventually you lose all touch with people and dig yourself a deeper hole. That option isn’t viable, what do you do instead?

Perspective is the greatest tool like Oscar Wilde said, “Optimism is the donut, pessimism is the hole.” Looking at the bigger picture can be the solution to the pettiest of problems, your discharged phone really could be the minutest of issues. Sure, it could be incredibly important but giving too much gravity to that event isn’t going to help you deal with it, getting a charger will. Then there are moments when it feels like the entire world’s burden is on your shoulders. Unfortunately, you can’t be the solution to every problem, no matter how hard you try. The balance between the two situations is incredibly hard to achieve but remember, it’s all about perspective.

To achieve hopefulness and confidence about tomorrow, it needs to be something to look forward to. The future always arrives quicker than expected, so what do I want from it? With realistic expectations, I want a life that I would be proud of, a person that I would look up to now. I can recall when I was younger I used to admire these passionate people with strong opinions and then I evolved into what I thought was them. Now I see admirable qualities in driven people that carry themselves well and recieve the respect of many, my goal is to evolve into them.

The next time you see that glass that has half the amount of liquid it can contain, say it’s half full. Apart from making me feel like I accomplished something, you would be saying the truth and it’s a happier way of looking at the scenario. The same thought can be applied to all scenarios and with a dose of healthy realism on the side, an optimistic viewpoint  could rescue you out of your mundane life. So give the new life saving medicine a try, no side effects included!



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