Depending and Independing

We all start off as babies,  most of the time,  your carers raise you till you reach adolescence.  A point where the balance tips and you become more independent than dependent.  Obviously you still rely on your carers for the bare necessities but other than that you are free.  The paths and choices vary dramatically and sometimes the path chosen isn't the best you could have taken.  So then you reach adulthood,  the majority of your decisions are your own and you become the envy of teenagers all around,  as they wish to become as liberated as you are.  Adulthood lasts for a while and eventually,  if you make it so far,  you reach old age.  The circle of life means that you begin to rely more on others and some even return to a state similar to a baby. 

In life you experience this range of constriction and freedom,  some reach certain liberties before others.  For example,  a big stage of independence as an adolescent is a phone,  some get flashy phones from a stupidly small age while others don't have a phone till they need to.  This device segments people into groups and so do many other trivial things. 

A child looks up to those who make their own decisions whilst adults wish to be children again.  The main idea is that we always want the things we do not have. So as independent as you maybe,  you secretly wish to be carefree and pampered like children.  The children with the flashy phones envy the close relationships other children have without phones. Those other children envy the flashy phone person and thus the cycle repeats. 

Dependence on anything for too long is harmful whether it be drugs or your parents.  Obviously the drug statement is self-explanatory but there comes a point when you have to be independent or you struggle with life.  Education tries its best to wean you off the support of anyone as you grow in knowledge and confidence.  Eventually you work in a job and provide for yourself,  this would not be possible had you stayed dependant.  

Independence too is harmful as those who isolate themselves further and further away from others over think small things. This leads to a period of depression which is only made better by reinstating yourself into society.  As you become a part of other people's lives,  your own problems fade away. 

Too much of anything is bad whether it be good or bad,  our zeal for what we don't have drives us but also anchors us.  Independence is overrated to those who have suffered with it and dependence is seen as a fault with those who have it.  So live in the moment,  appreciate the controlled beginning to your life which nurtured you into a self-sufficient person.  Enjoy the freedom which life provides as it fades away with age and most importantly value your life as it is. 


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  1. That is mind blowing… Can’t explain in words how happy it makes me feel after reading it… The depth of knowledge is amazing


  2. Dr Syed Aqeel Ashraf says:

    I do appreciate the writeup. Indeed it is very informative. Keep it up.


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