I have been to many places and not stayed in a place for more than two years at a time. It’s been eye-opening and exciting, my life would be a bore any other way. Thankfully, I have been gifted with parents that are researchers which results in a life with many homes, all of them unique in my development as a person.

Every place is a blank slate. You can start again and fix previous mistakes, make new friends and learn new things. Of course, moving often results in awkward situations when relocating, you lose good friends and have to make new ones. I try to remain in contact with as many people as I can but friendships die over time. There are many regrets after moving, many what ifs and a frustration with the concept. As a young child, I found it amusing and fun  but over time I have come to realise the importance of places. My brother displays my long-lost enthusiasm for moving now although he too will get frustrated soon enough.

Lots of people have come and gone, the majority of them do not understand how one person can move so often. Strangely enough I feel sorry for those who are less travelled, without trying to sound too patronising. Travelling is honestly the best thing that has happened to me, I have vastly matured and gained a wealth of experience that is incomparable to most people.

My sense of self is largely settled because the things that haven’t changed too largely represent me very truthfully. I can choose my friends very quickly and they never disappoint in any way, the relationships that can last all this are unbreakable. I know that anything terrible will only have a temporary consequence because eventually I leave and people forgive and forget. I have a very fixed idea with what I want out of my future and its been shaped by my surroundings, I want to do something I enjoy, something that allows to explore and expand.

There are lots of apparent bad effects to mental health caused by moving frequently but I haven’t discovered them yet. Somehow, I have ended up in the best places at the best times, my education has been greatly enhanced because I have always been a year ahead of wherever I have been and the stress has not impacted me, yet. I don’t value stability and security as much as others do but to me they aren’t the most important things, the thrill of moving gives me a drive.

Home isn’t one place for me, home is seven countries, two continents and anywhere where my family and friends are. I know one day I will have to move from here as well but that’s fine, I have had lots of preparation.





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